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Haku Bags

The Original

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Made from eco-friendly silicone, this premium toiletry and makeup bag has a lock simple enough for frequent daily use, but provides protection from curious toddler hands out. No kids, no problem. This lock also prevents your makeup from unwittingly spilling out in your purse. No one likes great makeup going to waste!

  • Jeweled lock to keep bag shut and secure!
  • Made from silicone, a more eco-friendly alternative to plastic
  • Easily washable material, just rinse spills and go!
  • Water- and stain-resistant

As a new entrepreneur, my prototypes worked great, but upon receiving the final products, while the locks do work, they are not up to the Haku Bags high standards. As a result, I am selling these bags below cost so that you can still have an epic makeup bag, at an even more epic price! Discount taken at checkout. 


Eco-Friendly Silicone

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Length: 8 1/8"

Height: 6 3/8"

Depth: 1 3/4" (at widest point)

Care Instructions

The silicone is sturdy but the lock is delicate. Lock and unlock with a gentle hand.