You work hard to buy the good stuff, keep it on lock

Why I created these bags:

A flagrant opened zipper and your favorite lip liner is suddenly smeared all over your designer purse.

Your curious toddler takes a dive into your makeup bag and your lipstick is now expensive wall art.

Avoid frustrations, keep your small stuff safe with a lock easy enough for frequent touchups but just hard enough to keep out little hands or unexpected spills.


as a new entrepreneur I had high hopes (and tested many options), believing that this lock would be the perfect solution, but it has turned out to not be up to the high quality standards I hold for Haku Bags. As a result, I'm selling these BELOW my cost so that I can recreate these bags with an even better locking solution. With or without the lock, these are premium makeup bags and my first prototype has lasted me 2 years and going strong! I'd love to share these bags with you and receive your honest and open feedback, at a great price!